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The Work Packages

The project runs with 7 Work Packages distributed between the partners of CRB-Anim. Here is the repartition.

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Phase 1 : Construction

  • Developments (WP2) are aimed at improving biosafety and quality of biological samples on the long term.
  • Enrichment and coupling of the collections will be boosted (WP3)
  • Quality management (WP4) will be organised by reference to the new NF S96-900 norm.
  • A common Web portal (WP4) will be developed to facilitate access, for research and for breeders, to data and samples of the nodes. It will be hosted by the CTIG. This portal will become one of the main nodes of FRB's Biodiveristy Research National Observatory.

WP2WP3 & WP4 will mainly take place during the construction phase of 4 years.

Phase 2 : Operations

  • Characterisation of collections (WP5) rules for distributing samples and a common method for cost calculation will be set up for the operational phase of 4 years.
  • The training strategy (WP6) will cover all levels from undergraduate to master, PhD, and continuous training.
  • Exploitation of results (WP7) will address: support to livestock sector, development of animal models, patenting diagnostic tests for genetic abnormalities, patenting new procedures for cryobanking in animals.

The coordination task will be driven by WP1 "Management" during all the project

CRB Anim Governance

To learn more about the governance, click here.