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The CRB-Anim

The goal of this project is to integrate and to strengthen biological resources centers (CRB) sampling reproductive and genomic material of domestic animals (mammals, birds, fishes and shellfishes)

CRB-Anim network involves public research institutions (INRA, CNRS) Higher Education and Research institutions (University of Tours, University of Rennes I, AgroParisTech, the 4 National Veterinary Schools) one scientific Foundation (FRB) and 2 private platforms, the LABOGENA GIE and ANTAGENE company which maintain genomic collections for breeders. This national infrastructure has currently 6 nodes located near Paris, Rennes, Tours and Lyon, which maintain about 530000 biological samples (semen, embryos, cells, tissues, DNA, RNA). These nodes are linked to research partners from IFREMER and INSERM, to breeding organisations, to centers of animal insemination and to the 4 National Veterinary Schools. 

CRB-Anim addresses two priorities of the National Strategy for Research and Innovation :

  • health, food and well-being
  • environmental emergency (biodiversity preservation)

This project has been prepared by Michèle Tixier-Boichard with the help of the members of the Governing Board of the french National Cryobank and the teams aleready in charge of BRCs (GABI, CaniDNA, Antagene and Labogena). It has been submitted at Investissements d'Avenir program invitation to tender for infrastructures. This project is a laureate of this invitation to tender and will receive a 11 000 000 € fund until December 31 2019. CRB-Anim has been officially kicked off on November 9th 2012