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Discovery of human-similar gene fusions in canine cancers: CRB-Anim's contribution

CRB-Anim's contribution to canin research
CRB-Anim contributes to canine cancer research

Cani-DNA team from "Institut de Génétique & Développement de Rennes" (Institute of Genetics & Development of Rennes) has just published the results of gene fusion research in canine cancers homologous to human cancers (cases of Lympoma, glioma and fibrosarcoma) in the journal Cancer Research.

Ulvé R, Rault M, Bahin M, Lagoutte L, Abadie J, De Brito C, Coindre JM, Botherel N, Rousseau A, Wucher V, Cadieu E, Thieblemont C, Hitte C, Cornevin L, Cabillic F, Bachelot L, Gilot D, Hennuy B, Guillaudeux T, Le Goff A, Derrien T, Hédan B, André C. Discovery of human-similar gene fusions in canine cancers. Cancer Res. 2017 Sep 7.

The works which represent 4 years of research have been financed partially by CRB-Anim.