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Socio-economic exploitation

Socio-economic exploitation
Domestic animals are both an heritage and a resource for human societies to which they provide multiple services : food, clothing, rural development but also leasure, human welfare and biomedical models. CRB-Anim, by conserving and distributing reproductive and genomic samples of a wide range of domesticated animal species, contributes to these numerous services. Economic return is expected in three main fields : (1) support to livestock sector (2) biomedical models (3) new procedures or prototypes for biobanking.

In livestock species, public-private partnership on genomics and related applications is organised within AGENAE, a Group of Scientific Interest, gathering breeding organisations, food industry (milk industries for instance) and research institutions. AGENAE provides a frame for private co-funding of research programmes: the Apis-Gene fund contributed to projects on cattle with 1.5 M€ each year since 2003. BioPorc and Agenavi are also contributing about 200k€/year for research in pigs and poultry, respectively. AGENAE has set up an Intellectual Property Committee which revises publications before submission and recommends or not a patenting strategy. The IP committee does a market analysis in case a patent is taken, a licence is generally given to LABOGENA for genotyping.

The tool box for exploitations will include :

Contract basis

Commercial use of a BRC material (production of sires which semen doses will be sold, creation of a nucleic probe following the discovery of new alleles on BRC materials…) will be managed by specific contracts between the user, the BRC node and the initial owner of the biological material if the BRC is not the owner. The contract nature will depend on the expected value of the creation or discovery made.

Patenting innovations

Partners will consider patenting, depending on expected market, and licensing to a company which could be the private BRC nodes of CRB-Anim and/or companies involved in the technological developments. Each institution (INRA, CNRS, VetAgroSup) has an office in charge of the management of intellectual property.

Creation of start-up companies

This can be the case for cryobanking techniques and reagents and for exploitation of biomedical models.

Consortium agreement

A consortium agreement will be signed between all partners of CRB-Anim to precisely define protection modes of the intellectual property depending on the type of exploitation foreseen. ANTAGENE and LABOGENA are used to be part of such agreements. The consortium will set common rules of agreement withApisGene, BioPorc, and AgenAvi which are gathering economic stakeholders in livestock.