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Development of new technologies for biobanking

Development of new technologies for biobanking
All CRB-Anim activities will increase the knowledge on cryobanking and could result on new technologies

The IMV company (Instruments de Médecine Vétérinaire, L’Aigle, France) is the only French company to be a major player worldwide in the field of cryoconservation of gametes and embryos, and thus is a preferential partner of CRB-Anim for cryobanking. For instance, IMV has an exclusive license on the INRA patent for semen diluents in horses, with an annual return of 300 k€ since 10 years. IMV had 250 collaborators and a budget turnover of 48 M€ each year with 80% exports to 120 countries, but 95% of the manufacturing takes place in France. The IMV group counts 5 daughter companies in Europe (Italy, Netherlands) USA, China and India. INRA and IMV have already negotiated preferential prices for consumables used for cryobanking. IMV will be contacted first for licensing technological innovations developed within CRB-Anim. Even for niche market such as aquatic species, IMV agreed to render the extenders available to the aquatic community on a request basis.

Technology transfer and marketing will include diluents, synthetic media, and procedures for all species where cryoconservation is not yet operational (particularly aquaculture species, quail and donkey) or not optimal (other birds). Training of the IMV staff is already planned for aquaculture species. IMV has agreed to sell these products under a license contract between the partners, as done previously. Procedures for embryo freezing in horses are also needed, with an expected saving of 50% of the total costs (1.2 M€) of embryo transfer in horses and a boosting effect on exports. A horse embryo is sold about 4 k€.

The developments dealing with somatic cells, pluripotent stem cells, iPS could result in patenting new procedures. New quality control procedures for biological samples are expected from the technological developments of CRB-Anim, that could be developed in partnership with biotech companies such as IMAGENE, IntegraGen. INRA platforms may also consider direct exploitation of new procedures.