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Master Level

Master Level
M level of Bologna European strategy

AgroParistech currently offers a master programme in animal breeding and genetics and participates to an European master within the framework of Erasmus-Mundus. Students (about 20) are selected each year on a competitive basis. Training in the field of animal production and animal reproduction is handled by the University of Tour focusing on production systems (feeding, management of reproduction, prevention of diseases, 25 students per year) complementary to the animal genetics master. University of Rennes 1 offers a session on biological basis for aquaculture within the Master on Animal Production (Rennes 1 University / Agrocampus Ouest) where preservation of aquatic genetic resources is presented b y CRB-Anim partner 3.

Advanced physiology and biotechnology of animal reproduction are already a specialty in the master programme Biologie Intégrative et Evolutive from University of Tours (with 20 students each year) which also includes ethical issues for animal experimentation and training to good laboratory practices. The regular training in molecular biology offered by the Tours University already includes labwork in molecular biology and quality controls of biological samples.

specific actions 

1) additional lectures and practicals will be proposed in connection with CRB-Anim activities regarding sampling methods forex situcryoconservation of animal genetic resources, use of cryobanking to the management of animal genetic diversity as a complement to on-farm conservation programmes, ethical issues for animal breeding, use of ‘omics’ technologies for animal breeding, prospects for nuclear transfer in farm animals.

2)  an international session will be added every 2 years to BIE master in order to meet the existing demand on training in animal reproduction within Europe. It will be self-supported by the fees.

3) issues raised by animal biotechnologies will be developed within the current master programme ‘Biotechnologies and legal issues’ of the Tours University.

4) update the aquaculture master programme of Rennes University by the developments made within CRB-Anim.

Regarding the training for the management of biobanks, CRB-Anim collaborates with the professional master currently operated by the University of Nice and the ESTBB school of the Catholic University of Lyon. This master program offers a complete training to all aspects of BRC management for human, animal, plant and microbial biological resources. The curriculum includes long periods in different biobanks as well as theoretical modules. Courses and conferences addressing cryopreservation of animal and reproductive biological material already exist. These modules will be re-enforced and optional modules developed covering these topics and regulatory issues specific to animal biological resources. The master welcomes up to 15 life science undergraduates. In the near future part of the curriculum will be taught in English to recruit students in Europe.

specific action

CRB-Anim will advertise for this master on BRC management and for job opportunities in biobanking, among the scientific community working on genetics and physiology of domestic animals, as well as to the undergraduates in Rennes and Tours.