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CRB Anim

Advanced continued education

Advanced continued education
Continuous training for professional workers

AgroParisTech offers a two-years programme of continued education, called CSAGAD. This course proposes updates on methods and tools for animal breeders. Usefulness and opportunites brought by genomic and reproductive cryobanks will be further developed, taking into account developments realised within CRB-Anim. These will address the management of genetic variability, including the issue of genetic defects.

The National Veterinary Schools will include an update on the main genetic defects affecting domestic animals with an information on molecular diagnostic tests in the continued education which is proposed to veterinarians. Breeding organisations which are contributing to activities of CRB-Anim will also contribute by disseminating knowledge on genetic defects and new genetic tools in their respective networks, this will be particularly the case for IFCE and its network of lookout veterinarians.