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WP5 Phase 2

WP5 Phase 2
Connecting data and documenting samples

Data documenting samples of the collections are regularly produced by research projects and will be compiled to improve the state of knowledge on the collections. Gaps may appear and a call for projects aimed at further characterisation of the genomic collections will be prepared by the scientific council and validated by the international advisory committee. It will be managed by FRB, which has the expertise in the management of calls for projects and will establish a list of external experts in connection with the international advisory committee. Calls will be launched at years 4 and 6 and will finance 2 years project. It will support further genotyping or transcriptomic analysis realised on one of the platforms of the project and could also fund sequencing of reference samples on FranceGenomique national infrastructure. Such projects are expected to identify subsets of SNPs that could be used by BRC platforms for further characterization of their collections. It is expected to select a limited number of pilot projects of 50 to 100 k€ each, which is intermediate between internal calls from INRA and external calls from ANR. The call may trigger studies searching for selection signatures in domestic populations, characterizing animal models, assessing the frequency of specific mutations or promoting the use of markers for the management of animal genetic resources. Depending on the progress made in sequencing technologies, the genomic BRCs of CRB-Anim will consider the opportunity to have an in-house equipment for small-scale to middle-scale sequencing, in order to improve reactivity of the BRCs for characterisation of their samples. The decision will be taken at year 3 of the project according to the recommendation of the scientific committee.