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WP5 Phase 1

WP5 Phase 1
Characterisation of collections

Genetic resources entering the national Cryobank under type I (endangered breeds) or type II (exceptional animals) should be characterized at the molecular level, with a standard set of markers (SNP chips) in order to set up a reference point for the assessment of these resources. This will involve aquaculture species, horse breeds and a set of local chicken breeds. Genotyping of available panels of molecular markers, or with sequencing, according to current technologies, will be done at LABOGENA for 2675 individuals of 75 fish populations, 600 individuals of 20 chicken populations and 2750 horses (1750 to monitor genetic diversity and 1000 samples for the study of genetic diseases). Genetic analysis will be done by INRA in collaboration with SYSAAF for aquatic species. It will be used for setting priority rules for future use of the collections.