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Setting a Web portal for CRB-Anim

Setting a Web portal for CRB-Anim
A common Web portal will be set up with the following objectives: - Provide procedures for sampling and shipment - Provide information on the nature and availability of collections, - Explain the rules for distribution of samples, - Provide a single entry point for requests, - Publish news about CRB-Anim and link with publications using the collections, - Advertise for seminars, training activities and international events.

The Web server will be housed by the computing center for animal genetics in Jouy-en-Josas. This portal will constitute one node of the national observatory on biodiversity developed by FRB (partner 8) in the RGScope project. The intranet section will be used by the partners to share any useful information in order to monitor the project and share the main achievements: calendar of equipments, reports of meetings, technical forum.

The method to describe the collections will refer to the model developed by the i3CRB project, supported by IBiSA to promote interoperability between BRC databases and establish a directory of all BRCs. All members of CRB-Anim will register on i3CRB. Specific fields will have to be added to the i3CRB directory, for instance most species having samples collected for CRB-Anim are not described in the species list of i3CRB.

A common list of descriptors and a standard exchange format will be developed for all members of CRB-Anim, in order to update regularly the information available on the collectionsviathe Web portal. The ATOL project developed by INRA for Animal Ontology will provide a dictionary for documenting the samples. Exchanges of data between the nodes of CRB-Anim will be facilitated by the use of a common identifier for the animal, which is already defined for some species (national identification number for ruminants, pigs, horses) but needs to be set up for other species (poultry, fishes).

Documentation on the samples is provided by each node or through links with existing databases:

  • for commercial livestock populations of cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, horses, genetic value of breeding animals are already available online (for instance see http://www.inst-elevage.asso.fr/spip.php?rubrique822 for results of genetic evaluation of dairy bulls );
  • for other commercial populations (poultry, rabbits, fishes) performance data are stored in privately owned databases and a specific request is needed for any information, the Web portal will give the possibility to send requests to the managers of these databases that will be members of the Stakeholders’forum of CRB-Anim ;
  • regarding experimental populations, the INRA Division of Animal Genetics has developed dedicated databases for storing and managing performance data in cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, poultry, rabbits; although these databases are not currently open, data can be made available upon request with the agreement of the scientist responsible for a collection.
  • for genetic diversity studies, scientific journals ask that genotyping data be available upon request after publication.