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Genomic BRCs

Genomic BRCs
Presentation of the genomic BRCs section of the project

Relocating existing samples

Current estimates show that about 50 000 DNA, blood or tissue samples for livestock species are distributed among public laboratories and experimental farms that should be secured and stored in a way facilitating the access for research. Several obstacles are encountered to relocate these samples in a BRC: the variable quantity and quality of samples, the time needed for reconditioning, a poor knowledge of the services offered by a BRC and particularly the procedure of distribution to other laboratories. The BRC will communicate about its services and operation rules to overcome these obstacles. Prospection of samples of high interest will be done. At the launching of the project, first priority will be given to collections of strategic importance for genetic diversity and genetic abnormalities and to collections from experimental farms with unique genotypes. Additional manpower will be needed temporarily for reconditioning samples. The opportunity of securing long term collections with the IMAGENE technology will be evaluated after 2 years. A specific effort for Cani-DNA will be done during phase I, with the 4 National Veterinary Schools and the network of veterinarians in order to collect 5000 samples each year.

Accompanying new projects

Members of CRB-Anim participate in research networks that will make possible to identify new research projects and emerging needs for storing biological samples. A strategic project will be set up for horses, with the systematic storage of 50000 blood samples each year at LABOGENA, to set a long-term biobank that will managed by LABOGENA and the breeding organisation IFCE representing breeds’associations. LABOGENA will apply for co-funding to Eperon fund. The blood samples will be made available for genetic studies in horses according to the distribution rules validated by CRB-Anim partners (chapter 5 Management).

New demand is expected to arise from the Animal Phenotyping Infrastructure project PHENOROBUST and from research projects submitted to the BioAdapt programme of ANR, since the topic of adaptation is taking more and more importance.

ANTAGENE is considering the development of a Feli-DNA biobank for domestic cats on the model of Cani-DNA.